Mikko Agil


Role: English MIP teacher

It’s been a great first week back and I am amazed at how enthusiastic students are about learning. I am originally from The Maldives, and this is the farthest I have ever lived from the seaside! I moved to Adelaide where I completed my Masters Degree in teaching, specialising in Early Childhood Education. When I am not doing ‘teacher stuff’ I love to read, watch movies and cook up a storm. My favourite genre of books to read usually are historical fiction, mythology, mysteries, YA and anything magical. Some of my favourite things are sponge or butter cake, fruity sweets (candy), Thai, Indian, and Italian food, Harry Potter, Alfred Hitchcock movies and the beach. As a teacher I am passionate about helping children help themselves. I feel privileged to be able help children in becoming strong, independent, lifelong learners. Email:

DongMei Yang


Role: Mandarin MIP teacher

I am looking forward to a year of learning, fun, growth and adventures. I can't wait to learn all about you, but first I will tell you a bit about me. I was born in Kunming, China and grew up there. I studied in Beijing and worked there and in Kunming before I migrated to Australia in 1993. I did a Graduate Diploma in Education, specialising in languages and became a language teacher. I have taught classes from preschool to Year 12. This year we are going to not only learn about Mandarin language and culture, but also study mathematics, science, geography in Mandarin Chinese. Email:

Shiri Marx


Role: Kindergarten teacher

I am excited to be teaching Kindergarten as my first class at Mawson Primary School.  In my previous school I have taught Kindergarten, year one and two for many years. I was also heavily involved in the Gross Motor and performance programs as I have a background as a competitive national gymnast, coach and personal trainer. I love traveling, learning about new cultures and trying foods from around the world.  I am passionate about teaching early childhood and believe strongly in teaching students in a very engaging environment that that promotes investigation. I look forward to getting to know everyone and supporting your children to becoming independent and successful adults.

Laura Muller


Role: Kindergarten teacher

I can’t wait for the year ahead and look forward to getting to know all our kindergarten students as they grow throughout the year. I grew up in Sydney before heading to Wagga Wagga to study a Bachelor of Arts. After working in the industry for a few years I decided that it wasn’t quite right for me as I wanted to work in schools as a teacher. I have worked with school aged children ranging from 3 to 12 years old for the past 6 years in outside school hours care and am looking forward to working with my first class as a teacher throughout this year. Email:

Fenella Glynn

Role: Preschool & Kindergarten Executive Teacher

This is my first year at Mawson Primary School and I am so excited for the year ahead. A little bit about me. I'm originally from Broulee, a small coastal town. I love to surf, swim and snorkel anything around the ocean. I'm an avid reader and Im always up for a book suggestion. My favourite food is pasta and I love to bake sweet treats. I am passionate about inclusion and support for all students and believe that Early Childhood education is key to ensuring a lifelong love of learning. Email:

Kindergarten is an important year of schooling as children formally begin to develop their literacy and numeracy skills. At Mawson Primary children learn through play, games, social learning and hands-on activities. We focus on the whole child and their interests, needs and abilities. We structure literacy and numeracy groups across the year level depending on students' learning needs.

Foundation Curriculum

Students will participate in a balanced literacy program and will be engaged in a range of activities according to their instructional level. All learning experiences align with the Australian Curriculum. Our English program runs from 9.00- 11.15am and involves oral language, phonics, reading and writing sessions. We explicitly teach reading strategies to the students by using a variety of quality literature, both fiction and non-fiction. We encourage student’s ownership over what they read and teach them how to select suitable books to read. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are an important part of our literacy sessions. In Kindergarten these are taught explicitly and in context of a big book and quality literature, as well as practised within our writing sessions. Speaking and listening is also incorporated within our English program. News opportunities and regular circle time provide public speaking practice.

The Kindergarten students will have opportunities to develop an understanding of all Mathematical strands through a range of stimulating and challenging activities. Learning is hands on based with games and manipulates being an essential element of the learning program.

Throughout the year we will be integrating our inquiry units across the subject areas of History, Geography and Science. The inquiry unit provides students with a “big idea” that will help them process their world and apply knowledge. It gives them opportunities to make connections across a variety of themes and ideas. Students will engage in higher level thinking, active problem-solving activities and research.

Mandarin Language

In 2019, the Kindergarten cohort is pioneering our full mandarin immersion program. MIP classes are taught in Mandarin for two and half days each week and the other classes learn Mandarin for one hour each week. This 50/50 programs aims to develop fluent mandarin speakers by the end of primary school.

When to start school

Your child can start Kindergarten at the beginning of the school year if they turn five on or before 30 April in that year. By law, all children must be enrolled in school by two weeks after their sixth birthday.

When to start your child at school is an individual decision. You may want to discuss this with us or with your child's preschool educator, carer or doctor.

Preparing for Kindergarten

You can help your child prepare for Kindergarten and be organised for the first day at 'big school', by discussing what they might expect. For example, after they meet their teacher they will have table activities to explore, with other children they might already know, as well as with new ones to meet. Trying on school uniforms beforehand or maybe shopping for a new school bag, lunchbox or shoes can add to the excitement. Please contact our school should you wish to visit beforehand to help your child feel more comfortable and to start getting to know people there.

For further information visit the Starting School  page on the ACT Education Directorate website.

Useful resources

Reading Eggs - use your login available from your teacher

Matific- use your login available from your teacher

Supporting Literacy and Numeracy development