Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Year 5 Students will be given opportunities to be SRC representatives, Eco Leaders, Sports Leaders and Buddies to Preschool.  As the year progresses we work together with Melrose High and our students participate in the Thinking Carnival to assist our Year 5 students to develop high order thinking skills and research skills.

Year 5 students will have the opportunity to apply for a place in our Woodwind band program as part of the Instrumental Music Program (IMP). Students will learn music theory, how to play a woodwind instrument and will have opportunities to perform in a range of settings. This is a two year commitment and no previous musical experience is required.

Year 5 students at Mawson Primary School focus on building towards becoming independent learners. They are encouraged to take ownership of their school and home learning and are given opportunities to apply their knowledge in different forms.

Year 5 students will sit the National Assessment program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) Online test held in May. There are four tests covering numeracy, reading, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar.  Families will receive a report demonstrating your child’s achievement in the tests.

Students will participate in a balanced literacy program and will be engaged in a range of activities according to their instructional level. All learning experiences align with the Australian Curriculum. The strands focus on developing student’s knowledge, understanding and skills in listening, reading, viewing, speaking, writing and creating.

Year 5 will have opportunities to work in all Mathematical strands through a range of stimulating and challenging activities. Our Mathematics program utilises the enVision Maths curriculum resource to teach the Australian curriculum. Each week, students will also be working on mental computation skills for the four operations and problem-solving strategies including online learning such as Matific.

Throughout the year we will be integrating our inquiry units across the subject areas of History, Geography and Science. The inquiry unit provides students with a “big idea” that will help them process their world and apply knowledge. It gives them opportunities to make connections across a variety of themes and ideas. Students will engage in higher level thinking, active problem-solving activities and research.

In 2019, the Year 5 cohort comprises of one Mandarin Immersion Class and one English (LOTE) class.  The MIP class is taught in Mandarin for two days each week and the LOTE class learns Mandarin for one hour per week.

Year 5

Sally Allen


Role: Classroom teacher (Tues-Thurs)


I have been a teacher for over 15 years and I am a new teacher at Mawson. I look forward to getting to know the students and the rest of the school community. I love gardening, reading and cooking.  My favourite colour is purple, and I don’t have a particularly favourite food.

Lee-Ying Leong


Role: MIP teacher (Mon, Fri)


I have been at Mawson for 3 years teaching LOTE and MIP across the school.  I am lucky this year to share a class with Mrs Allen. I love reading, singing and dancing.  I paint and draw Chinese Artworks and enjoy going to Art Galleries. I’m a great cook and can make a variety of Asian and Chinese foods.

Leanne Harrigan


Role: Classroom teacher


I have been teaching for about 20 years. I lead a busy life with a husband, 3 children and a dog. I am looking forward to teaching Year 5 and helping the students become independent critical thinkers of the future. I like cooking, yoga, reading and walking the dog.

Constance Chen


Role: Classroom & LOTE teacher


I have been teaching at Mawson for 5 years. I have taught MIP in the senior years and look forward to teaching my class this year.  I like reading, playing the piano and making arts and crafts. I love regularly visiting my family in Taiwan. My favourite foods are spaghetti, steak, dumplings. I have been enjoying driving through the countryside and my favourite colour is red.

Leo Liu


Role: Classroom & MIP teacher


This is my second year at Mawson and it’s my greatest pleasure to work in a bilingual school.  I look forward to sharing knowledge and experience with all students and the school community.  My favourite colour is blue, and I love Malaysian food like Curry Laksa.  I also like travelling and visiting China from time to time to catch up with family.

Liz Bujaroski

Role: 5-6 Executive Teacher


I’ve been at Mawson for 3 years and love the diversity of cultures here. In my spare time I like to read a good fantasy/suspense novel or watch a movie. I enjoy the outdoors though I must avoid those pesky mosquito bites. I like going for walks and to the beach. I have an appreciation for different flavours of food. I love dogs and have a Pomeranian as a pet.