Our Community

At Mawson Primary School we value the strong connections we have with our families and the local community.

There is before and after school care available to students Monday to Friday.

The school maintains a close working relationship with the Salvation Army, including a regular weekly Brain Booster Breakfast program held at the school on one morning before school.

The Chinese-Australian Early Childhood Centre, a privately run organisation is located within school grounds and students are invited to many of Mawson Primary School's events.

The Chinese Embassy continues to support our Mandarin Program through the donation of resources to the school.

Mandarin language lessons are available to students after school on Mondays.

The P&C coordinate school banking for students using the Commonwealth Dolomites program. School banking day is Thursday. The P&C numerous school events such as the annual Scholastic Book Fair and all funds raised are generated back into school resources.