Who we are

The Mawson Primary School Parents & Citizens Association (P&C) provides a forum for parents to discuss matters of interest and concern about the school and its programs.

The P&C is an active group which strives to foster a fun and inclusive school community by involving parents, carers and teachers in our school community events.

We are run by a committee of volunteer parents/carers who meet regularly to resolve issues and set fundraising activities.  The P&C also coordinates sub-committees responsible for particular areas of focus:

  • Preschool Subcommittee – made up of active preschool parents/carers to promote issues arising from the Preschool and to raise essential funds for classroom supplies & play equipment.
  • Fundraising Subcommittee – a dedicated group who assist in the overall fundraising program

Get involved!

As a parent or carer of a student at Mawson Primary, we invite you to become involved in our P&C.  You can:

  • attend meetings of interest, which we hold approximately twice a term
  • put forward issues for discussion at meetings
  • support the students as a classroom helper
  • participate in fundraising events
  • help out at working bees
  • simply provide any assistance as advertised in the school newsletter.

Contact us

Enquiries can be made by email to mawsonprimary.pc@gmail.com.


For updates on P&C events, please see our Mawson Primary School P&C page