Assessment and Reporting

Staff at Mawson Primary School acknowledge that all parents have strengths that contribute to their children's learning. The school encourages parent/carer involvement in their children's learning and provides regular opportunities for dialogue about their child's progress.

Mawson staff provides clear and timely information to parents about the achievements and progress of their children at the following times:

  • Term 1 -
    Information Session
    Parent Teacher Interviews
    Learning Journeys
  • Term 2 -
    End of Semester 1 written report and A-E graded report
    3 way interview with teacher student and family members
  • Term 3 -
    Learning Journeys
  • Term 4 -
    End of semester 2 written report and A-E graded report
    Teacher parent interview

Mawson Primary School encourages parents to contact their child's teacher or speak to the Principal on any matter of concern, at any time.