Principal’s Message

Photograph of the Mawson Primary School Principal Mrs Amanda Andrews with four students and Dr Xu- Minister Counsellor for Education Embassy of Peoples Republic of China in Australia

The school is now taking enrolments for the 1 Day Mandarin Language Learning for the Kindergarten class of 2015.Contact Mary at the Front Office on 62058033 for more information.

Mawson Primary School is a values based school that places the development of positive relationships between students and teachers as paramount to the learning process. We celebrate the diversity of our student population and value each child as an individual, with specific needs to achieve success in their learning. Our students are supported to be responsible for their learning and respect the rights of others to learn in a safe, productive learning environment. We have a strong focus on teachers working in teams and accessing professional learning opportunities to support their students in their schooling.

Our Mandarin Immersion programs are unique. Mawson Primary School offers places to out of area families who are committed to bilingual Mandarin language learning.

At Mawson Primary we believe all students are learners with the potential to succeed. Literacy and numeracy proficiency for all students in our care is our highest priority. Children are important individuals and we look forward to seeing them grow and flourish in our care. We are helping to develop children who will be key players for the 21st century, who will be leaders and who will be successful. We believe our students achieve well, are responsible and caring people who will make a valuable contribution to society.

Our school was named after Sir Douglas Mawson, a famous Antarctic explorer, who discovered invaluable facts about Antarctica and contributed to the knowledge about our world. Mawson's determination and approach to life has 'taught us something about the strength of the human spirit.

At Mawson Primary, our school song says:
"Our heritage - to strive to succeed,
Like Mawson did we too shall lead."

I look forward to working with you and your child as the teachers and I support them in their learning at Mawson Primary School.

Mawson Primary School offers before and after school care every day on the school premises.

Amanda Andrews