K, Year 1,2 & LSU Learning Team

K, Year 1,2 & LSU Learning Team

Fenella Glynn

Role: Team Leader

I have taught from preschool through to Year 6 and am passionate about literacy and early education. Outside of school I am a keen hiker, enjoy reading and love music and art. This year I will be studying my Masters in Education and am excited about implementing my new learning.
Laura Muller

Role: Classroom teacher  
Email: Laura.muller@ed.act.edu.au

My name is Laura Muller and this is my second year teaching kindergarten. I really enjoy working with young children and watching their enthusiasm and excitement as they learn new skills. My hobbies include reading, drinking tea and learning Auslan.
Shiri Marx

Role: Classroom teacher  
Email:  Shiri.marx@ed.act.edu.au

I am passionate about teaching and supporting our students in their life long learning. Students' curiosity inspires me, I love giving students the path to reach light bulb moments as they learn new skills and make connections.  Outside of school, I enjoy spoiling my puppy and being outdoors bush walking.
Jing Sun

Role: Classroom teacher Email: Jing.sun@ed.act.edu.au

KMIP Role: Classroom teacher Email: Jing.sun@ed.act.edu.au  
My name is Jing Sun. I am passionate about teaching younger children Mandarin. My teaching philosophy is all kids are capable of learning and achieving their potentials. I believe we are going to have a wonderful Mandarin learning year. I like to spend my leisure time reading, knitting and travelling with my family.
Kimi Hall

Role: classroom teacher  
Email: Kimi.hall@ed.act.edu.au

I look forward to learning new things together with Year 1. I live with my 2 cats and love crystals of all kinds. I also love cute furry monsters.  I love to sing and I run the school choir.
Peter Tsirimokos

Role: classroom teacher  

I’m very excited to be teaching Year 1 in 2020. This is my first year at Mawson and I’m looking forward to sharing many learning experiences with my students. Some of my hobbies are cooking, going for walks and watching movies!
Dongmei Yang

Role: classroom teacher
Email: Dongmei.yang@ed.act.edu.au

Happy Year of the Mouse! I am very excited to be the Year 1 MIP teacher again at Mawson Primary School. I look forward to another great year of learning, fun, growth and adventures. This is my 7th year of Mandarin Immersion Program teaching at Mawson. I advocate bilingual education. I have high expectations of all of the children academically and behaviourally!
Renee Hesketh

Role: 1MIP Classroom teacher

Email: Renee.hesketh@ed.act.edu.au

Hi, my name is Renee Hesketh,

I have been teaching at Mawson in the Year One MIP classes since Term Two,

I enjoy swimming and kayaking and am looking forward to doing more of these activities during the summer. The children in my class would also be able to tell you about my love of brightly coloured stones and dragons.

Sally Rojahan

Role: classroom teacher  
Email: Sally.Rojahn@ed.act.edu.au

My name is Sally Rojahn. My hobbies include playing sports and doing activities with my friends. I am excited to have the opportunity to teach year 2 this year!
Mikko Agil

Role: classroom teacher  
Email:  Mikko.agil@ed.act.edu.au

Year two is one of my favourite grades to teach and I am so excited to be teach. I am originally from the Maldives, then Adelaide, and now Canberra. Some of my favourites are, fruity boiled lollies, black tea, travelling (just not the airport bit), the sea side, red coloured things, all flowers except orchids, Harry Potter, Neil Gaiman, loud music in the car, watching fantasy or historical TV shows. I am allergic to chocolate. I more than make up for it with lollies thou.
Hailey Liu

Role: classroom teacher
Email: Hailey.Liu@ed.act.edu.au

This is my first year of teaching. I enjoy watching children grow and develop and supporting them along the way. I did aerobic gymnastics for 8 years and I like to get active during my spare time
Olivia Leonard

Role: classroom teacher
Email: Olivia.Leonard@ed.act.edu.au

 This is my third year teaching in the LSU and my sixth year at Mawson! My aim for my teaching career is to instil a love of learning in all children so that they will always be life long learners. Outside of school I love to go on walks, play with my puppy and cat and do puzzles.