Year 5 & 6 Learning Team

year 5 and 6

Jennifer Thomas

6T Role: Classroom teacher


I have a passion for reading, meeting up with friends for a cuppa, exploring new places and bush walking. I think that there is something very special about the colour navy blue and I’m a lover of golden retriever dogs. I enjoy rowing in regattas.  My focus is enriching students’ knowledge of safe and respectful learning practices as they experience and enjoy their final primary school year.
Leo Liu 5/6

MIP Role: Classroom & MIP teacher  Email:

This is my third year at Mawson and it’s my greatest pleasure to work in a bilingual school. I like travelling and visiting China from time to time to catch up with family and friends.  I look forward to sharing knowledge and experience with all students and the school community.
Sally Allen 5AL

MIP Role: Classroom teacher (Tues-Thurs) Email:

I have been teaching in Canberra for over 20 years.  I love teaching primary school.  I love reading and I am excited to share lots of books with my students this year.  At home I love to read, cook and garden.  My favourite children’s series is Harry Potter and my favourite colour is purple.
Constance Chen 5/6C

Role: Classroom & LOTE teacher  Email:

I am from Taipei Taiwan and 2020 is my seventh year of teaching at Mawson Primary School. I am passionate about teaching. My favourite foods include spaghetti, steak and dumplings, and my favourite colour is red. I aim to provide quality teaching and create a positive, safe and engaging learning environment where each student is a cooperative, curious, creative, motivated, persistent, resilient and a risk taker in their learning.
Leanne Harrigan 5H

Role: Classroom teacher Email:

I have been teaching for about 20 years. I lead a busy life with a husband, 3 children and a dog. I love to teach Year 5 and helping the students become independent critical thinkers of the future. I like cooking, yoga, reading and walking the dog.  
Liz Bujaroski

Role: 5-6 Executive Teacher Email:

I’m passionate about making a difference and ensuring our students come to school feeling happy, safe and ready to learn. I have a variety of interests such as reading fantasy/suspense novels, watching movies and soccer (I’m a Manchester United fan!).  I enjoy the outdoors particularly the beach though I must avoid those pesky mosquito bites. I love dogs and have a Pomeranian as a pet.

Year 5 and Year 6 participated in a national online cyber safety webinar. Students explored skills for creating safer gaming environments including: balancing time online, dealing with abuse and cyberbullying, managing in-app purchases and accessing help and support.

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