Welcome to Kindergarten!

Kindergarten is an important year of schooling as children formally begin to develop their literacy and numeracy skills. At Mawson Primary children learn through play, games, social learning and hands-on activities. We focus on the whole child and their interests, needs and abilities. We structure literacy and numeracy groups across the year level depending on students' learning needs.

Foundation Curriculum

Students will participate in a balanced literacy program and will be engaged in a range of activities according to their instructional level. All learning experiences align with the Australian Curriculum. Our English program runs from 9.00- 11.00am and involves oral language, phonics, reading and writing sessions. We explicitly teach reading strategies to the students by using a variety of quality literature, both fiction and non-fiction. We encourage student’s ownership over what they read and teach them how to select suitable books to read. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are an important part of our literacy sessions. In Kindergarten these are taught explicitly and in context of a big book and quality literature, as well as practised within our writing sessions. Speaking and listening is also incorporated within our English program. News opportunities and regular circle time provide public speaking practice.

The Kindergarten students will have opportunities to develop an understanding of all Mathematical strands through a range of stimulating and challenging activities. Learning is hands on based with games and manipulates being an essential element of the learning program.

Throughout the year we will be integrating our inquiry units across the subject areas of History, Geography and Science. The inquiry unit provides students with a “big idea” that will help them process their world and apply knowledge. It gives them opportunities to make connections across a variety of themes and ideas. Students will engage in higher level thinking, active problem-solving activities and research.

Preparing for Kindergarten

You can help your child prepare for Kindergarten and be organised for the first day at 'big school', by discussing what they might expect. For example, after they meet their teacher they will have table activities to explore, with other children they might already know, as well as with new ones to meet. Trying on school uniforms beforehand or maybe shopping for a new school bag, lunchbox or shoes can add to the excitement. Please contact our school should you wish to visit beforehand to help your child feel more comfortable and to start getting to know people there.

For further information visit the starting school page on the ACT Education Directorate website.

Useful resources

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