Specialist team

Mr Kent Scott McLean

Role: Digital Technology Teacher

I having introduced Digital Technology to Mawson Primary School. Over the years I have taught in many settings from Kindergarten to Year 9 and have worked at Birrigai Outdoor School. One of my interests is riding my bike. I have been riding bikes for as long as I can remember. Other things I really enjoy doing include spending time with my family and making music. I can play the guitar, ukulele and the djembe (a West African Drum)

Email: Kent.Scott-McLean@ed.act.edu.au

Mrs Melanie Mengel

Role: Teacher Librarian

I have been teaching for over 10 years in the ACT. I love to read, craft, garden and spend time with my 2 young kids. We love getting outdoors and exploring Canberra. My goal this year is to read at least 10 of our library novels each school term.

Melanie Mengel

Email: Melanie.Mengel@ed.act.edu.au

Ms Michelene McCarthy

Role: LSU Teacher

I’m Michele (Michelene) McCarthy. I am from the USA. Since moving to the ACT I have taught at Lyneham Primary, Macgregor Primary and Caroline Chisolm.  I have an adult son, who is a comedian and is currently living in Melbourne. My daughter lives in New York with her husband,  and their three adorable little children.  I have 2 gorgeous greyhounds and a cat.  My favourite thing to do is to read and I’m not sure what I would do without chocolate in my life.

Michelene McCarthy

Email: Michelene.McCarthy@ed.act.edu.au

Mr Larry Stackpoole

Role:  Environment Centre

I have taught in the United Kingdom,  New Zealand and Australia. These experiences have allowed me to teach in a range of roles from preschool through to Year Eight and I am passionate about Science and Sustainability. Teaching overseas gave me many wonderful memories and I look forward to creating new ones at our fabulous school. Outside of school I enjoy reading and working in the garden. I will be very excited implementing a range of new sustainable measures at our school. I would love any help. Please feel free to drop in and introduce yourself.

Larry Stackpoole

Email: Larry.Stackpoole@ed.act.edu.au

Mrs Maggie Quigley

Role: EALD teacher

I am one of the English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) teachers.  I have the joy of teaching our culturally diverse children across the whole school.  Boosting children’s reading and writing skills is an absolute pleasure. I love learning about different cultures through our students’ lives.

Maggie Quigley

Email: Maggie.Quigley@ed.act.edu.au

Mrs Lee Ying Leong

Role: Mandarin Teacher

Lee Ying Leong

I am an Asian Studies major in Chinese language and Asian history.  I have taught the Chinese course in colleges and worked in the primary sector. I teach Mandarin to the students who are not in the immersion program.

Lee Ying Leong

Email: Lee-Ying.Leong@ed.act.edu.au