Specialist Teaching Team

Mr Kent Scott McLean

Role: Digital Technology Teacher

Over the past 20 years I have taught in many settings from Kindergarten to Year 9 and have worked at Birrigai Outdoor School. In the last 3 years I have developed the Digital Technology learning program for Mawson Primary School. I am a certified Google Educator and Trainer and love integrating the Google Workspace to enhance the learning of the students. One of my interests is riding my bike. I have been riding bikes for as long as I can remember. Other things I really enjoy doing include spending time with my family, camping and making music. I can play the guitar, ukulele and the djembe (a West African Drum).

Kent Scott-McLean

Email: Kent.Scott-McLean@ed.act.edu.au

Mr Larry Stackpoole

Role:  Environmental Science

I have taught in the United Kingdom,  New Zealand and Australia. These experiences have allowed me to teach in a range of roles from preschool through to Year Eight and I am passionate about Science and Sustainability. Teaching overseas gave me many wonderful memories and I look forward to creating new ones at our fabulous school. Outside of school I enjoy reading and working in the garden. I will be very excited implementing a range of new sustainable measures at our school. I would love any help. Please feel free to drop in and introduce yourself.

Larry Stackpoole

Email: Larry.Stackpoole@ed.act.edu.au

Mrs Lee Ying Leong

Role: Mandarin Teacher (LOTE)

I am an Asian Studies major in Chinese language and Asian history.  I have taught the Chinese course in colleges and worked in the primary sector. I teach Mandarin to the students who are not in the immersion program.

Lee Ying Leong

Email: Lee-Ying.Leong@ed.act.edu.au

Ms Maura Dand

Role: Teacher Librarian

I began my teaching career in England. On moving to Canberra she obtained a Masters degree in Teacher Librarianship and has worked in several libraries across the public education system. She managed the bilingual library at Telopea Park School for eight years and developed bilingual programs with the French teachers. She has recently been working as a specialist EAL/D teacher (English as an Additional Language or Dialect) and has developed skills in working with students from a wide variety of language and cultural backgrounds. With a very keen interest in Children’s Literature, Mara is enthusiastically looking forward to her new position as teacher librarian at Mawson Primary School.

Maura Dand

Email:  maura.dand@ed.act.edu.au