Year 5 / 6 & LSU Teaching Team

Mr Peter Clayden

Year 5 and 6 Executive Teacher

Peter Clayden


Mr Dominic Nixon


Dominic Nixon


Ms Joanne Liu

5MIP Mandarin Teacher

I was born in Beijing and educated in China and Australia. I am a bilingual teacher and I have taught in private and public schools in NSW, the ACT and Beijing in both secondary and primary sectors for over 18 years. I am passionate about languages, numeracy and literacy in particular creative writing. My wider interests are science, history, politics, medicinal food and brain plasticity.

Joanne Liu


Mrs Leanne Harrigan


I have been teaching for over 20 years. I lead a busy life with a husband, 3 children and a dog. I love to teach Year 5 and 6 and helping the students become independent critical thinkers of the future. I like cooking, yoga, reading and walking the dog.

Leanne Harrigan


Mrs Jennifer Thomas


I have a passion for reading, meeting up with friends for a cuppa, exploring new places and bush walking. I think that there is something very special about the colour navy blue and I'm a lover of golden retriever dogs. I enjoy rowing in regattas. My focus is enriching students' knowledge of safe and respectful learning practices as they experience and enjoy their final primary school year.

Jennifer Thomas


Mrs Constance Chen

6MIP Mandarin Teacher/ Mandarin Executive Teacher

I am from Taipei, Taiwan and I am the Mandarin Executive Teacher. I am passionate about teaching. My favourite foods include spaghetti, steak and dumplings, and my favourite colour is red. I aim to provide quality teaching and create a positive, safe and engaging learning environment where each student is a cooperative, curious, creative, motivated, persistent, resilient and a risk taker in their learning.

Constance Chen


Mrs Olivia Leonard

6MIP English Teacher

I have been teaching in the LSU and it is my 8th year at Mawson! My aim for my teaching career is to instil a love of learning in all children so that they will always be life long learners. Outside of school I love to go on walks. I have a baby boy, a dog and a cat and I love to do puzzles.

Olivia Leonard


Small Group Program

Katherine Burns

Role: Small Group Program Teacher

My name is Katherine Burns and I teach in the LSU. Teaching has always been a passion of mine and I love helping my students to learn, grow and achieve their best. I try to create as many opportunities as I can to nurture my students’ curiosity and develop a love of learning. My free time is spent with my family, going for runs and walking my dog Flossy.

Katherine Burns