Year 3 / 4 Teaching Team

Mr Duncan Lawler

Years 3 and 4  Executive Teacher

I have been a teacher for over 30 years. I have taught from Preschool through to Year 6 and am passionate about literacy and early years education.  Outside of school I am a keen gardener, enjoy going to the gym, riding my bike, love fishing and eating out. As team leader for Year 3/4 I am looking forward to working with students and their families.

Duncan Lawler


Ms Wen Liu

3MIP2L - Mandarin Teacher

I’m from Renqiu in northern China, two hours drive from Beijing. I have been teaching at Mawson for 7 years on a range of grades as a bilingual teacher.  During the holidays I enjoy camping with my family and friends, learning to play my violin, watching TV and reading. I love all types of cuisines particularly, Chinese Sichuan cuisine, Indian, Japanese and Vietnamese food, just to name a few.

Wen Liu


Mr Bright Lai

3MIP1L - English Teacher

My name is Bright Lai and I am originally from Taiwan. I am always excited when I start with a new class. I have recently completed a half marathon on the Kowen Trail and aim to run a marathon on road sometime this year. I love to fill the classroom with my students' amazing work and celebrate their achievements.  My hobbies include sport  such as running and badminton, as well as listening to music/audiobooks and meditation.

Bright Lai


Mr Timothy Yap


I am highly passionate about supporting students through their primary school journey. My interests are sports, reading, animals, gardening and spending time down the coast.

Timothy Yap


Mrs Amy Mann

4MIP - Mandarin Teacher

My name is Lixue Mann. I have over 10 years of experience in early childhood education, as well as teaching Mandarin in a Canberra language school. I always love a good movie and enjoy many outdoors activities, such as trekking, camping, visiting a beach or kayaking in nearby lakes. Being bilingual, I am passionate about Mawson’s Mandarin Immersion Program. I am eager to share my experiences, learn and grow with my year four classes this year.

Amy Mann


Mrs Fiona Stevenson

4MIP - English Teacher

I have been teaching for over 30 years! I love the cultural diversity of our school and enjoy learning about our world from my students and their families.  I am married and we are blessed with three adult children, a Border Collie, a Mini Foxie and two cats. I love to read, kayak, 4WD, fish and go camping.

Fiona Stevenson


Simon Sher


My name is Simon Sher and this is my third year at Mawson Primary. I come from Melbourne and I am a native Cantonese speaker. It is my passion to teach Mathematics and see students grow in their learning. I enjoy playing basketball and watching movies.

Simon Sher


Ms Alicia Brown


My name is Alicia Brown and I have been teaching at Mawson for 5 years. I love reading and have a large collection of books for everyone to enjoy. My favourite subject to teach is Mathematics. I like Llamas, cats and anything with bright colours. I run the senior show kids choir and art club. My favourite things are books, animals and maths. I like to drink lots of tea and chai and can often be seen with my Harry Potter mug in hand. I love arts and crafts, including origami, sewing, drawing, painting and knitting.

Alicia Brown