Year 1 / 2 Teaching Team

Year 1 2 team

Mrs Liz Bujaroski

Year 1 and 2 Executive Teacher

I'm passionate about making a difference and ensuring our students come to school feeling happy, safe and ready to learn. I have a variety of interest such as reading fantasy/suspense novels, watching movies and soccer (I'm a Manchester United fan!)  I enjoy the outdoors particularly the beach, though I must avoid those pesky mosquito bites.  I have an appreciation for different flavours of food. I love dogs and have a Pomeranian as a pet.

Elizabeth Bujaroski


Mr  Ercole Buonopane


Teaching is my life’s passion, and I have been educating students from all ages across primary school for 13 years. This will be my first year at Mawson Primary. I am looking forward to being part of the Mawson staff and community.  I have previously worked at Yarralumla Primary School, teaching the bilinqual program as one of the Italian and English teachers. My hobbies and interests are music (guitar), cooking for friends and family and I enjoy spending time at the coast with family, swimming, surfing and walking.

Ercole Buonopane


Mrs Charlotte Foster

1MIP - English Teacher

I have been teaching in Canberra for 10 years and love helping and watching students grow and develop with their learning. I really love working at Mawson, we are so lucky to have such a wonderful community of learners. My passion definitely is lower primary teaching, so I am very much looking forward to being part of the Year 1 team. When I am not teaching, I enjoying spending time with my family and friends. I really enjoy making special cakes to celebrate birthdays or special occasions. I also enjoy time where we get away with our camper trailer and discover some lovely parts of Australia.

Charlotte Foster


Mrs Mikko Agil

1MIP1 - English Teacher

I am originally from the Maldives, then Adelaide, and now Canberra. Some of my favourites are, fruity boiled lollies, black tea, travelling (just not the airport bit), the sea side, red coloured things, all flowers except orchids, Harry Potter, Neil Gaiman, loud music in the car, watching fantasy or historical TV shows.

Mikko Agil


Ms Hailey Liu

1MIP2 - Mandarin Teacher

I come from Victoria and am settling into Canberra. I enjoy watching children grow and develop and supporting them along the way. I did aerobic gymnastics for 8 years and I like to get active during my spare time.

Hailey Liu


Mrs Pooja Syal


I am from India and arrived in Australia in 2013. I have worked as an Early childhood Teacher for three years.  I love reading and cooking. I believe all children are competent, capable and potential learners. I am passionate about creating an inclusive culture in the classroom where all children explore their potential at their own pace.

Pooja Syal


Ms Alicia Brown


My name is Alicia Brown and I have been teaching at Mawson for 6 years. I love reading and have a large collection of books for everyone to enjoy. My favourite subject to teach is Mathematics. I like Llamas, cats and anything with bright colours. I run the senior show kids choir and art club. My favourite things are books, animals and maths. I like to drink lots of tea and chai and can often be seen with my Harry Potter mug in hand. I love arts and crafts, including origami, sewing, drawing, painting and knitting.

Alicia Brown


Mr Thomas  McKee

2MIP - English Teacher

I’m from a small town near Pittsburgh in the United States. I love all sports, but I especially love Ice Hockey and the Pittsburgh Penguins. I’ve lived and worked in Australia, The United States, Czechia, South Korea and Turkey. I’m passionate about creating a safe and happy classroom culture where students can develop confidence and take responsibility for their own learning.

Thomas McKee


Ms Daisy Ding

2MIP - Mandarin Teacher

I’m from China. I’ve worked in the preschool approximately 4 years in Australia. I am passionate to create an inclusive, safe and respectful classroom to maximize student’s learning. I especially enjoy exploring a range of delicious restaurants, playing basketball, as well as travelling to different places.

Daisy Ding


Mrs Bridget Boege


My name is Bridget Lavers and I have always wanted to be a teacher. I love working with children and watching them succeed is incredibly rewarding. In 2023 I will be in my fourth year of teaching.

Bridget Lavers