Year 1 and 2 Learning Team

K, Year 1,2 & LSU Learning Team

Mrs Liz Bujaroski

Year 1 and 2 Executive Teacher

I'm passionate about making a difference and ensuring our students come to school feeling happy, safe and ready to learn. I have a variety of interest such as reading fantasy/suspense novels, watching movies and soccer (I'm a Manchester United fan!)  I enjoy the outdoors particularly the beach, though I must avoid those pesky mosquito bites.  I have an appreciation for different flavours of food. I love dogs and have a Pomeranian as a pet.

Elizabeth Bujaroski


Ms Dong Mei Yang

1 MIP - Mandarin Teacher

I look forward to another great year of learning, fun, growth and adventures. I advocate bilingual education. I have high expectations of all of the children academically and behaviourally. I was a provincial gymnastic champion. I love cooking, singing and reading.

Dong Mei Yang


Ms Stephanie Fairall

1 MIP - English Teacher

I believe in the innate curiosity and spark of amazement within all children. I have been teaching internationally for over a decade, living in Japan, the UAE, China and Saudi Arabia. I have now moved to Canberra and am fortunate enough to be part of the Mawson Primary School community.  When I’m not teaching, I love to find new parts of Canberra to explore on long walks and am on a quest to find my favourite café in the ACT.  At home I like to read with my rescue cat on my lap.

Stephanie Fairall


Mr Jonathon Baird

1 B

I have recently moved to Canberra from Victoria, where I taught at a very special school in Melbourne's West. My special love in teaching is having students fall in love with learning and having them realise that they have what it takes to succeed. I love pugs and Bikram yoga. If you aren’t dripping with sweat , it is not really exercise is it?

Jonathon Baird


Ms Hailey Liu

2MIP - Mandarin Teacher

I come from Victoria and am settling into Canberra. I enjoy watching children grow and develop and supporting them along the way. I did aerobic gymnastics for 8 years and I like to get active during my spare time.

Hailey Liu


Mr Thomas  McKee

2 MIP - English Teacher

I’m from a small town near Pittsburgh in the United States. I love all sports, but I especially love Ice Hockey and the Pittsburgh Penguins. I’ve lived and worked in Australia, The United States, Czechia, South Korea and Turkey. I’m passionate about creating a safe and happy classroom culture where students can develop confidence and take responsibility for their own learning.

Thomas McKee


Miss Sally Rojahn

1 / 2 R

My name is Sally Rojahn. My hobbies include playing sports and doing activities with my friends. I am excited to have the opportunity to teach year 2 this year!

Sally Rojahn


Mrs Mikko Agil

1  /2  A

Year two is one of my favourite grades to teach and I am so excited to be teach. I am originally from the Maldives, then Adelaide, and now Canberra. Some of my favourites are, fruity boiled lollies, black tea, travelling (just not the airport bit), the sea side, red coloured things, all flowers except orchids, Harry Potter, Neil Gaiman, loud music in the car, watching fantasy or historical TV shows. I am allergic to chocolate. I more than make up for it with lollies though.

Mikko Agil