Mawson Band practice

At Mawson we offer the Instrumental Music Program (IMP) to students in Year 5 and 6. Students have the opportunity to play a range of woodwind instruments and learn to read music. They participate in three sessions each week (two of these involving expert tuition from an IMP music teacher) and once a term combine with other schools for large group performances. An important component of this program is regular home practise which is recorded in a student music journal. The program culminates at the end of Year 6 with a performance called Bandstravaganza; a concert performance by all ACT school bands.

Instrumental Music classes have a maximum of 25 students. They are selected  in Year 5 based on input from classroom teachers on class behaviour, attitude to learning and their performance in a basic music exam.

There is a cost to families for their child’s participation. This pays for rental of the instrument, expert tuition and the cost of consumables. Further information about this program can be found at .