Digital Technologies

At Mawson Primary School we use a variety of digital technologies with the students. Our students have access to iPads, Chromebooks, digital cameras, interactive whiteboards as well as a variety of robotic devices. Students can access technologies that support their learning in the classroom and at home by using the Digital Backpack and the Google Suite.

At Mawson our children will be learning about computational thinking and the learning process of ‘Design, Make, Appraise’. Students will be learning how to code and create using digital technologies. Our students will be learning how digital technologies can allow them to create a blog or 3D animation, or make a movie. This year our senior students will also be using online video editing tools to create movies and digital media. Students will learn how to be a responsible digital citizen and stay safe online.

At Mawson Primary School digital technologies are used to promote the connections to the rest of the world as they learn. Within the classrooms and as part of the Digital Technology program, students will be explicitly taught the ICT skills of investigating, creating, communicating, collaborating and organising.

Digital Technologies image