Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Year 5 Students will be given opportunities to be SRC representatives, Eco Leaders, Sports Leaders and Buddies to Preschool.  As the year progresses we work together with Melrose High and our students participate in the Thinking Carnival to assist our Year 5 students to develop high order thinking skills and research skills.

Year 5 students will have the opportunity to apply for a place in our Woodwind band program as part of the Instrumental Music Program (IMP). Students will learn music theory, how to play a woodwind instrument and will have opportunities to perform in a range of settings. This is a two year commitment and no previous musical experience is required.

Year 5 students at Mawson Primary School focus on building towards becoming independent learners. They are encouraged to take ownership of their school and home learning and are given opportunities to apply their knowledge in different forms.

Year 5 students will sit the National Assessment program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) Online test held in May. There are four tests covering numeracy, reading, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar.  Families will receive a report demonstrating your child’s achievement in the tests.

Students will participate in a balanced literacy program and will be engaged in a range of activities according to their instructional level. All learning experiences align with the Australian Curriculum. The strands focus on developing student’s knowledge, understanding and skills in listening, reading, viewing, speaking, writing and creating.

Year 5 will have opportunities to work in all Mathematical strands through a range of stimulating and challenging activities. Our Mathematics program utilises the enVision Maths curriculum resource to teach the Australian curriculum. Each week, students will also be working on mental computation skills for the four operations and problem-solving strategies including online learning such as Matific.

Throughout the year we will be integrating our inquiry units across the subject areas of History, Geography and Science. The inquiry unit provides students with a “big idea” that will help them process their world and apply knowledge. It gives them opportunities to make connections across a variety of themes and ideas. Students will engage in higher level thinking, active problem-solving activities and research.

Year 5 curriculum achievement standards for English

Year 5 curriculum achievement standards for Mathematics