Kindergarten Teaching Team

Mrs Laurel Rodrigues

Kindergarten Executive Teacher

I am excited to be leading the Kindergarten team.
I am passionate about early childhood education and supporting students to have a positive start to their schooling life.
I love reading and sharing quality literature with students. My free time is filled with walking my dog, Nacho and spending time with my family.

Laurel Rodrigues


Ms Jing Sun

KMIP1M - Mandarin Teacher

My name is Jing Sun. I am passionate about teaching younger children Mandarin. My teaching philosophy is all children are capable of learning and achieving their potential. I like to spend my leisure time reading, knitting and travelling with my family.

Ms Jing Sun


Mrs Laura Muller

KMIP1M - English Teacher

My name is Laura Muller and this is my third year teaching kindergarten. I really enjoy working with young children and watching their enthusiasm and excitement as they learn new skills. My hobbies include reading, drinking tea and learning Auslan.

Laura Muller


Miss Bridget Lavers


My name is Bridget Lavers and I have always wanted to be a teacher. I love working with children and watching them succeed is incredibly rewarding. In 2022 I will be in my third year of teaching.

Bridget Lavers


Mrs Agil


I am originally from the Maldives, then Adelaide, and now Canberra. Some of my favourites are, fruity boiled lollies, black tea, travelling (just not the airport bit), the sea side, red coloured things, all flowers except orchids, Harry Potter, Neil Gaiman, loud music in the car, watching fantasy or historical TV shows. I am allergic to chocolate. I more than make up for it with lollies though.

Mikko Agil