Notes (hard copy) for excursions and special school events are sent home with each student.  In addition to permission notes every student must complete a medical from before leaving the school grounds. The school requires each student to have a current medical form completed each semester.

Term 4 2020

Excursion_Medical_Form.pdf pdfsmall (246.5 KB)

Term 3 2021

Year 5 Thinking Carnival pdfsmall (262.8 KB)

Term 1 2021

Year 5 and 6 Camp Cooba Excursion Permission and medical form pdfsmall (665.9 KB)

Known Medical Condition Response Plan pdfsmall (151.5 KB)

Medical Information and Consent Form pdfsmall (183.3 KB)

Medication Authorisation and Administration Record pdfsmall (549.1 KB)