Notes (hard copy) for excursions and special school events are sent home with each student.  In addition to permission notes every student must complete a medical from before leaving the school grounds. The school requires each student to have a current medical form completed each semester.

Term 4 2021

Stationery Supplies 2022 pdfsmall (280.0 KB)

Voluntary Contributions 2022 pdfsmall (222.7 KB)

Term 4 2020

Excursion_Medical_Form.pdf pdfsmall (246.5 KB)

Term 3 2022

Permission Note Thunderstone Aboriginal Cultural Services Excursion 3Y & 3MIP2 pdfsmall (229.0 KB)

Permission Note Thunderstone Aboriginal Cultural Services Excursion 2.3T & 3MIP1 pdfsmall (225.5 KB)

Permission Note Year 1 Arboretum pdfsmall (237.0 KB)

Term 2 2022

Camp Warrambui Year 5 and 6 Camp 2022 Permission note pdfsmall (273.7 KB)

Term 1 2022

Preschool Canberra Museum and Art Gallery Excursion Yellow and Green groups pdfsmall (324.0 KB)

Term 1 2021

Known Medical Condition Response Plan pdfsmall (151.5 KB)

Medical Information and Consent Form pdfsmall (183.3 KB)

Medication Authorisation and Administration Record pdfsmall (549.1 KB)