Year 3 & 4 Learning Team

Year 3 and 4 staff

Duncan Lawler

3/4 Team Leader Email:

This is my 31st year of teaching and I have been at Mawson for the past 4 years. I have taught from Preschool through to Year 6 and am passionate about literacy and early years education. Outside of school I am a keen gardener, enjoy going to the gym, reading fiction and love fishing. As team leader for Year 3/4 I look forward to work closely with students and their families.
Anna Flutsch

Role: 3MIP Classroom teacher


I have enjoyed returning to the Mawson Primary School community for this year and settling into the role of Year 3 MIP classroom teacher. It’s a joy to teach the wonderful children represented at this school. As a teacher I am passionate about providing a classroom environment which enables children to achieve their potential. Outside of school I enjoy exploring the outdoors through fitness and photography.

Timothy Yap:

Role: 2/3 Classroom Teacher


My role at Mawson Primary School is the teacher of the new Year 2/3 class in the Environment Centre, which has been an amazing experience so far. I completed my teaching degree online through Curtin University (based in WA) in June this year. I was at Mawson Primary in 2018 completing two teaching placements in Fiona Stevenson’s 1/2 class. I was born and raised in Canberra and went to Torrens Primary, Melrose High and Canberra College.

Wen Liu

3 MIP Role: MIP teacher


I’m from Renqiu in northern China, two hours drive from Beijing. I have been teaching at Mawson for 6 years on a range of grades as a bilingual teacher.  During the holidays I enjoy camping with my family and friends, learning to play my violin, watching TV and reading. I love all types of cuisines particularly, Chinese Sichuan cuisine, Indian, Japanese and Vietnamese food, just to name a few.
Alicia Brown

3B Role: Classroom Teacher


This is my 3rd year at Mawson and 6th year as a teacher. I love reading and have a large collection of books for everyone to enjoy! My favourite subject to teach is Mathematics. I like llamas, cats, and anything with bright colours. I run the senior show kids choir and art club. My favourite things are books, animals, and maths. I like to drink lots of tea and chai and can often be seen with my Harry Potter mug in hand. I love arts and crafts, including origami, sewing, drawing, painting and knitting
Simon Sher

Role: 4MIP Classroom teacher


This is my first year at Mawson and I am so excited to teach Year 4 with a lovely group of students. Coming from Victoria at the start of the year, I spend my weekends exploring Canberra's delicious restaurants and cafes. I enjoy playing basketball and watching a movie.

Bright Lai

4L  Role: Classroom teacher


This is my third year of teaching.  I am always excited when I start with a new class! I have recently completed a half marathon on the Kowen Trail and aim to run a marathon on road sometime this year. I love to fill the classroom with my students’ amazing work and celebrate their achievements. My hobbies include physical exercise such as running and badminton, as well as listening to music and sleeping/meditation!
Amy (Lixue) Mann

4 MIP Role: MIP Teacher


I am excited to be teaching Mandarin in both of the 4MIP classes in my first year at Mawson Primary School.  I have 10 years of experience in early childhood education, as well as teaching Mandarin in a Canberra language school. I always love a good movie and enjoy many outdoor activities, such as trekking, camping, visiting a beach or kayaking in nearby lakes. Being bilingual, I am passionate about Mawson’s Mandarin Immersion Program.